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Conception can only take place during a woman fertile window. This is crucial because a woman is usually fertile only during certain times of their menstrual cycle which is when they are ovulating. This possess some challenge for one to determine that with certainty bearing in mind that the process takes place internally with no obvious external manifestation. after analysisnnge the most prevalent menstrual cycle in women, an assumption was coined that fertility happens two weeks after one has had their periods. The assumption may be true for some but it can be untrue for others considering that the length of menstrual cycles differs with individuals.

One therefore mayrequire to use other methods to know that with a degree of certainty. The test kit is one of the methods where one uses a test strip which is let to stand in a urine sample for some time to test for luteinizing hormone which then indicates if one is about to ovulate. This method can be considered in the long haul since one needs to keep buying the test strips each time they need to measure their fertility levels. The other option is purchasing testing devise which is battery powered and can be re-used to test for ovulation which makes it less costly than the test strips. This devise tests for the presence of hormones n saliva to gauge ovulation.

The third option is one that embraces the use of technology in its functionality. This method makes use of a fertility monitor which monitors the person’s basal body temperature in a bid to gauge is one is ovulation or not. This fertility monitor is made to be customized to the user such that one needs to key in personal data such as their age, height and weight and them later add the days when one is on their period. The fact that the monitor makes use of a person’s individual data to make the predictions explains the accuracy involved.

This alternative is so preferable considering that it offers way more information besides just fertility. The methods can be used as a birth control methods since it can also predict when one cannot conceive. This method is at an advantage as it is not invasive thus does not alter one’s hormones. The method reports a relatively high success rate which means that it is more advantageous to artificial contraceptives. Bearing in mind that it has a person’s personal cycle, it can also be used to monitor ones gynecological health. The only costs one need to incur with this method is the initial invest of the monitor.
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