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Role of Developmental Editors

Developmental editing refers to the improvement of the manuscripts’ content and its structure. Copy editing and proofreading are entirely different activities from the developmental editing. To ensure that the content of the manuscript is free from grammar and punctuation mistakes, the copy editing and proofreading are used. The developmental editing role in a manuscript is to improve its plot, the setting of the pace and improving the characterization in the manuscript. Developmental editing requires a high level of professionalism but there are hardly no rules but the outcome is highly dependent on the editor’s experience. Life experience gained from the occurrences of certain activities, raises the editors experience in this field. The editor must be a good and a heavy reader of books and scripts in order to understand the requirements of a manuscript.

Before the publishing of the script, the editor must carry at least one round of developmental editing. The editing of the content can be lead to many changes on the content of the book. The changes may include the entire changing of the plot. Characters can be merged through developmental editing and that can also lead to the shifting of the character roles. However, this process of editing is fruitful since it adds the creativity and the attractiveness of the content and the drive for any reader to read the book. Comparing, contents that have not undergone developmental editing are likely to be boring and have no sense of direction.

Many entities require developmental editing in order to raise the quality of the content of their manuscripts and books and hence they often hire these editors. Among the most popular editors include the newspapers and magazines editors. The editors are experienced in this field and their goal is to ensure their employers and the companies they work for publish a content that is worthy reading and maintains a competitive edge with other company’s contents. Despite being regarded as potential authors, the editors do not write the initial copy of the content. Proofreaders and the copy readers are less closer to the author than the developmental editors.

The editors can also be regarded as the associate editors depending on the type and structure of the publishing companies they work for and they mainly found in this publishing buildings. Editing services can be found in the urban centers where there are editing agencies who are mainly a group of editors who offer a good editing service that ensures that your final work is of high quality. The editing by this agencies is done just before publishing or rather they do the final process of arriving at the desired copy of the script.

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What Research About Experts Can Teach You