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What to Evaluate, before Purchase, concerning the Mechanics of a Rosin Press Machine

If you have ever dealt in adhesive before, then the term ‘Rosin’ is a familiar one. I am confident that you have seen some yellow-brown liquid of sought, that is quite thick and resists flow; often appears like glue. This may not be an accurate description of what I’m talking about, but it will do for now. My point is, that liquid is, in fact, rosin. They say good things tend to come from some bad sources in some cases, and as unpleasant as rosin is, it is widely used in making adhesives and inks. Now that you can vividly see its vitality, you may want to start doing the math of how to capitalize on it by getting a press machine to extract it. What you will be looking for is a rosin press machine, and there exist many different kinds in the market. This article is your guide through some of the technical considerations that you need to examine before you go about purchasing a rosin press machine.

You begin by first assessing the plates the machines uses for pressing. You need to have long and narrow rectangular plates if you want to maximize the production from the extraction procedure. With rectangular plates, you are able to maximize the perimeter to area ratio. Having a greater perimeter means that there will be more room through which the rosin can escape once pressed. Again, narrow plates will allow for the distance between the center of the bag, containing the material, and the edge of the bag to be minimized. The narrow plates will thus prevent any cases of rosin decomposition due to heat.

The other fundamentally important consideration is pressure. A majority of people want to apply intense pressure then expect to get the best rosin out there. The above concept is wrong because the pressure applied will rely heavily on the kind of stuff being pressed, its growth process and age. Excess pressure can result in plenty of lipids and unwanted pigments ending up in the rosin which reduces quality. Considering this, the rosin press machine you go for, should have a pressure gauge and an accompanying regulator to ensure that the required pressing pressure is maintained.

Finally, look into the issue of heat. Heat needs to be looked into keenly for its needed to enhance extraction while an excess of it will cause more harm than good. To get this right, there must be even distribution of heat. Heat is responsible for causing rosin flow by reducing viscosity. The secret is in the positioning of the heating coil in the plates. You need to consult closely with the press machine seller to confirm that the heating coil placement will ensure even heat distribution throughout the extraction process.

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