Outfitting for Your Next Motorcycle Adventure

You have finally done it! You’ve purchased the bike of your dreams and you are gearing up to hit the open road. You have your route planned, your posse gathered, and you just need a few more essentials before you hit the road. This gear can make the difference between the adventure of a lifetime and an unending stretch of unforgiving asphalt before you. What do you bring?

Riding Clothing

You need the proper clothing and accessories to truly enjoy a road trip on your motorcycle. The first, and most important, piece of equipment is a good and comfortable helmet. Gloves and eagle footwear are second on the list of likely necessities. A riding jacket is a good idea, but not quite as needed as the first three.

Luggage Management

Unlike road-tripping in a car, you can’t just throw a suitcase in the trunk of your motorcycle. Backpacks, fanny packs, and saddlebags should most of the room you need. Make sure you plan your storage according to your need. Don’t put your phone in the bottom of your saddlebag, for instance. If you need extra space, consider bungee cords and netting to strap any extra baggage down securely. Loose equipment is incredibly dangerous on a motorcycle, especially if you’re traveling in a group.

Health and Wellness

Cross-country riding is exhilarating, but also exhausting. Due to the constant exposure to the wind and sun riders have to stay on top of their health. Hydration is important, maintaining proper levels of fluids will keep you alert on your long drive. Snacks and regular stops will also help keep you from stiffening up. Many experienced riders bring eye-drops to help reduce the damage done by prolonged exposure to sun and wind.

A few hours, days, or weeks on the road is a thrilling experience for any motorcycle rider, whether you have hundreds of thousands of miles under your belt, or you’ve just finished your license. Enjoy the ride!