4 Wardrobe Tips for the Fashionable Nurse

You don’t have to sacrifice style for substance. If you’re a busy nurse with important duties to attend to, there are ways that you can stay cute and fashionable without spending hours in front of the mirror. Here are just a few tips for revamping your closet before your rounds!

1. Shop for Designer Scrubs

Even if your hospital has a policy about colors and styles, you can still make sure that your scrubs look good. Designer medical scrubs are available from retailers like Classico, and not only will they keep you fashionable, but their high-quality fabrics will withstand the demands of the job much better than cheap ones.

2. Choose Your Accessories Wisely

You’ll want to avoid things like bracelets and rings that can rip open your plastic gloves, but there’s nothing wrong with a sparkling set of earrings. A timepiece might be a cooler and more convenient accessory than a wrist watch. In the wintertime, you might appreciate additional layers that can be color-coordinated to match with your scrubs.

3. Experiment With Different Hairstyles

You’ll want your hair up and out of the way as you deal with the everyday messes of the job, so when you have a spare moment at home, experiment with different hairstyles. You don’t have to go with a boring ponytail every day. Play around with things like braids, buns and fishtails. A new ‘do can make your whole outfit seem new as well.

4. Mind Your Underwear

There’s nothing more embarrassing than your underwear showing through your scrubs! Always check your bottom half before you hit the door in the mornings. You might be surprised at the colors that can become transparent through scrubs, and it’s better to find that out at home than at the hospital.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on your wardrobe to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. This is good news for busy nurses with more important things to worry about than the state of their hair during a code blue! Use these tips for staying stylish and professional while on the job.